Music: songs and hymns in use

 Lists of songs and hymns based on our current repertoire

These lists are provided to assist the preparation of visitors leading services, for our church musicians, and for anyone else who may be interested in the songs we sing in church services.

You can display... (Current update covers 2013-15)


These lists are derived from our music schedules database, based on a DOS application we created in 1992 and recently exported to MS Access. The database is not linked directly to the website, but is exported periodically.

It is not 100% accurate, as not everything gets recorded properly.

The shade of brown used for an entry distinguishes 'core' (darker) from 'non-core' (paler) items.
Any items marked (**) use music which may be unpublished.

Our definition of 'less common source references' is anything other than Mission Praise Combined, Songs of Fellowship, Worship Today or the New Baptist Hymn Book.

Martin Brasier