Our service times

10.30am every Sunday - all are welcome

Communion is usually included within the service on the third Sunday of the month. Tea and coffee are served after the service each Sunday.

We practice an 'open table' whereby all who are committed Christians are welcome to join us in taking communion, whether or not they are church members, and irrespective of denominational background and affiliation.

Children and young people

Children usually join us for the first twenty minutes of the service, which is intended to be 'all age friendly'. Then children go to Sunday School, meeting in another room. All our leaders and helpers are approved under current child protection legislation.

Music in our church

Our repertoire of songs and hymns is wide and varied, drawing on a number of different traditional and contemporary styles, and we are always interested in exploring new material. (There is a list of songs currently in use.) The church has a strong tradition of involving and encouraging people - especially students - in this area of ministry, and of helping to develop their gifts. If you can sing or play an instrument and would like to join us, do make yourself known.